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Ventafish Fish Venting Tool

Ventafish Fish Venting Tool In Use
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Ventafish Fish Venting Tool

The Ventafish is a state of the art tool.  Designed specifically for venting (or degassing) of fish.

Ever brought a fish to the surface, only to find their stomach protruding out of their mouth?  Venting before release increases survival rates.

Simple and safe to use, the Ventafish is a fish venting tool like no other.



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Product Description

The Ventafish fish venting tool, designed by avid recreational fishermen, looking to conserve fisheries for generations to come.

Ventafish Fish Venting Tool Features & Benefits

· Each component of the Ventafish was designed with a specific purpose in mind: safety, ease of use, durability, and effectiveness.

· Durable tool, made from UV stabilized materials.  Made specifically for the marine environment.

· Inclusion of a true 45 degree front end.  Making this fish venting tool easy to use at the recommended angle.

· Uses a standard 16 gauge hypodermic needle.  This not only makes the Ventafish effective, but also makes it easy to source a replacement needle, should the original go dull after many repeated uses.

· Easy to clean and safe to store.  Clear polycarbonate cap prevents the external plunger from being pressed down, exposing the needle.

· Easy and safe to handle even when your hands a slimy.

· Includes one spare replacement needle.


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