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Akios Airloop R10 Surfcasting Reel

Akios R10 Surfcasting Reel
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Akios Airloop R10 Surfcasting Reel

The R10 is the long spool (10mm longer) version of the Airloop R8 giving even greater line capacity and distance.

Specifically designed to offer extreme casting distances, the Akios AIRLOOP R10 is the reel of choice should you be seeking extra yardage.

Further details and specifications are listed below.


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Product Description


Akios Airloop R10 Surfcasting Reel

A true casting machine, the AIRLOOP offers super slow oscillation, laying a phenomenal 54 turns of line per cycle on the tournament length spool resulting in truly exceptional line lay.

The precise laying of line on the spool significantly reduces frictional drag as the line peels off the spool leading to substantial gains in casting distances.

Equipped with an impressive 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings and a worm drive gearing mechanism, not only is the AIRLOOP silky smooth, it’s incredibly tough too.  The speed drag system allow the drag to be tightened up with just a fraction of a turn allowing hard running fish to be instantly tamed.


Airloop R10  Features:

· Super Slow Oscillation for Exceptional Casting Performance

· High Strength Composite Body & Rotor

· 8+1 Stainless Steel Shielded Bearings

· Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing

· Two Anodised Aluminium Spools Included – 1 x Deep Spool, 1 x Shallow Spool

· Ergonomic Power Handle

· Long Cast Angled Spool Lip

· Carbon Multi Disc Drag for Optimal Drag Performance

· Dual Strength Stainless Steel Main Shaft

· Large Hollow Bail Arm

· 4.1:1 Gear Ratio

· Tough Worm-Drive Gearing

· Titanium Coated Line Roller

· Anti Line Drop System

· Handle Lock



Akios Airloop R10 Specifications:

· Deep Spool capacity: 290yds/20lb mono

· Shallow Spool capacity: 350yds/16lb mono

· Gear Ratio: 4.1:1

· Bearings: 8+1

· Line Recovery: 34.5”/87.5cm

· Maximum Drag: 22lb

· Weight: 620g


Akios Fishing Tackle

Akios is translated from Japanese as “New Beginnings” “New Life” and was decided upon by it’s founder after being made redundant from his former position within the world’s largest fishing tackle company.

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