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Oscar Junior Tuna Lure / Marlin Lure

Oscar Junior Tuna Lure
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Oscar Junior Tuna / Marlin Lure

The Oscar Junior is a fantastic Tuna or smaller Marlin lure and is one of Richter’s most successful lures.

With a cup faced head, this lure produces a great bubble trail and an attractive tight wriggle.

Weighing only 50 grams it is designed for lighter 10-24 kg tackle.

  • Description

Product Description

Richter Lures are a world class game fishing tackle manufacturer offering a wide range of proven high quality Tuna and Marlin lures made in South Africa.

Being hand made Richter Lures are made to perfection with each resin head being hand poured, polished and painted to create the very highest finish.  This makes Richter’s range of trolling lures, plugs, skirts and terminal tackle irresistible.

Oscar Junior Tuna Lure / Marlin Lure Specifications

· Medium Pusher

· Size 210 mm / 8.5 inch

· Weight 50 grams


· Boat Speed 8-10 Knots

· Line Class 10-24 Kg

· Leader 200-250 lb

· Hook Size 9/0


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