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INOVA Bait Binder

The Bait Binder
The Ulitimate Bait Elastic DispenserINOVA Bait Cotton Dispenser in Action

INOVA Bait Binder Set

The INOVA Bait Binder is a tackle box essential for all fisherman.

An easy to use practical bait elastic (cotton) dispenser, the Bait Binder allows you to easily present perfect baits every time.

The Bait Binder also keeps the elastic from rotting as it is protected within the dispenser from bait juices and the like.

Elastic refills available separately.


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Product Description


The INOVA Bait Binder

This new and innovative bait elastic dispenser is a must have for serious fisherman and is one of the most sought after UK fishing accessories in recent years.

Excellent product for surfcasters, rock and boat fisherman alike.

Bait Binder features

· Innovative, hi-tech bait elastic dispenser

· Ingeneous dispenser mechanism ensures a tag of elastic remains after breakoff ready for the next use

· Water-tight body protects against elastic rotting bait juices

· Clear cap enables the monitoring of elastic thread levels

· Bright orange body allows you to easily locate the Bait Binder

Bait Binder in action


What’s Included in the Bait Binder set

· Bait Binder elastic dispenser
· 1x Orange (Light 0.1mm) spool of elastic for delicate baits
· 1x Green (Medium 0.2mm) spool of elastic for general baits
· 1x Blue (Heavy 0.4mm) spool of elastic for big baits
· INOVA lanyard
Replacement 100m spools of elastic available separately.

INOVA – The Future of Fishing.

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