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Eze-Lap Sportsman Diamond Knife Sharpener

Eze Lap M the original sportsmans sharpener of choice
Eze Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener

Eze-Lap Sportsmans Sharpener


The model M is the original diamond sharpener and still the sportsman's choice.

3 & 3/4″ round shafted diamond sharpener, stores in brass handle and includes a pouch with belt loop.

Great for hunters, fisherman and general purpose sharpening.


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Product Description

Round Diamond Sharpeners

Diamond sharping steels do more than just align an edge.

Conventional steels only straighten an edge, Diamond sharpening steels will actually give you a new edge every time you use them.

This means they do the job of a stone and a steel.

The model M is the original hunters choice, every hunter or fisherman deserves this top diamond sharpener.

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