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Black Box Fishing Techniques Book

Pro-Troll Black Box Fishing Book

The Black Box fishing book explains the electrical field that surrounds your boat.

The book explains how the electronic field affects your fishing. Learn how to carry out a simple test to see if your boat is scaring fish away.


  • Description

Product Description

Learn how Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor technology can help attract fish to your boat, rather than scare them away. The book teaches you everything you need to know about using the Black Box.

The facts are explained by two engineers who have researched the topic for years.

Below are the contents of the Black Box fishing book:

  • Catching fish with electricity – the concept
  • Factors that affect your boats electrical condition
  • How to test your boats electrical charge
  • Black Box operation & recommended voltages
  • Tips on adjusting the black box
  • Using the Black Box without downriggers
  • Electrical sensitivity of fish
  • Chemistry of the electrical charge of boats
  • Installation of the Black Box
  • Troubleshooting
  • Common questions
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