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BaitCloud Inline Multi-Species Formula – 3 Pack

BaitCloud InLine multi-species formula
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BaitCloud InLine Multi-Species Formula – 3 Pack

The BaitCloud InLine multi-species formula is designed to target a variety of species.

The multi-species formula creates an initial disturbance in the water mimicking the vibrations of a school of shad, while creating a visual field with the bubbles, colour and Bio-Glitter™.

Sold in a tube containing three BaitCloud balls.


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Product Description


BaitCloud InLine Multi-Species Formula Directions

Toss a BaitCloud ball into the area you are fishing, or fasten to your line for more control.  Wait 2-3 minutes and begin fishing.  Each ball will create an attractant zone lasting long after the initial fizzing activation.


How does BaitCloud work?

All BaitCloud™ products are designed to mimic the specific signals that your target species use to find their food.  By doing this, the fish’s senses are lead into believing food is present, causing them to come to a specific location, and then activating their interest in your bait.  Each formulation is designed specifically to suit the preferences of individual species.  Since no food is present, your tackle becomes more interesting to them.

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BaitCloud InLine

BaitCloud’s InLine variants are a standard BaitCloud ball with a hole through the centre which allows the BaitCloud ball to either be directly affixed to the angler’s baited fishing line, or optionally as a “tethered” application attached to a separate line.  This offers various options when it comes to deploying BaitCloud in different situations, toss as normal, tether to a line in a current or simply tethered to a line and suspended at your desired depth.

BaitCloud Moments

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