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Akios Fireloop Fixed Spool Reel

Akios Fireloop Spinning Reel NZ
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Akios Fireloop Fixed Spool Reel

The Akios FIRELOOP is a stunning long cast, slow oscillation, lightweight surf casting reel giving exceptional value and functionality.

Further details and specifications are listed below.

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Product Description


The vented long cast spool, which can be used for both mono or braid, allows effortless casting with superb line lay due to slow oscillation on retrieve. The Fireloop is also supplied with a deep graphite spool for larger capacities and has an ergonomic EVA folding handle.

The reel also sports a quick drag system, ideal for carp or surf casting situations where a quick lock down of the spool is required.


FIRELOOP Features:

· Lightweight Composite Body & Rotor

· 7 +1 Stainless Steel Bearings

· Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing

· Vented Lightweight Aluminium Long Cast Mono/Braid Spool

· Spare Deep Graphite Spool

· Twin Round Aluminium Spring Loaded Line Clips

· Fast Drag for Instant Spool Lock

· Slow Oscillation for Superior Line Lay

· Aluminium Ergonomic Quick Fold Handle with Comfortable EVA Grip

· 4.1:1 Gear Ratio



Akios FIRELOOP Specifications:

· Vented Aluminium Spool capacity: 210yds/12lb mono 260yds/20lb braid

· Deep Graphite Spool capacity: 280yds/15lb mono

· Gear Ratio: 4.1:1

· Bearings: 7

· Maximum Drag: 14.5lb

· Weight: 605g


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