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Ultimate Bait Elastic Dispenser – Now in NZ

on Feb 26, 2018 in News

The Bait Elastic Dispenser

The Bait Binder from INOVA is the ultimate bait elastic dispenser and it’s now available here in NZ.

The Bait Binder is a sealed bait elastic dispenser which means no more rotten, smelly old elastic in the bottom of your tackle box.


Why is it the ultimate bait elastic dispenser?

This bait elastic dispenser has been thought through from beginning to end.  The clear nose for example allows you to see which elastic and how much you have left, while the other half of the body is bright orange, making it much easier to locate even among the weeds, rocks or sand.

Bait presentation

With the Bait Binder at hand perfect bait presentation is almost a given.  Simply wrap the elastic around your bait, when your done simply break it off, the tag end will remain at the ready time after time.  The INOVA Bait Binder set includes the dispenser and three different grades of bait elastic.  Refills are available separately.


INOVA are a new brand in the fishing tackle trade and have recently introduced the Bait Binder.

There mission is to provide a range of terminal tackle and accessories of excellent quality!  INOVA – The Future of Fishing.  Keep and eye out for more quality INOVA products hitting NZ in the coming weeks and months.

Inova - The Future of Fishing

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