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Sunset Amnesia, the memory free shock leader

on Oct 3, 2016 in News

Sunset Amnesia, the memory free shock leader.

The memory free shock leader, Sunset Amnesia.

With it’s stretch and abrasion resistance, while remaining memory free.  That it what makes Amnesia from Sunset Line & Twine a unique monofilament.  A product that is well suited to various various fishing methods.

Monofilamnet has a tendency to return to it’s original position.  Not so with Sunset’s Amensia, simply give it a stretch at the start of your fishing session.  Once stretched it will not coil like other mono.


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Available in four colours (Black, Clear, Green or Red) and eleven breaking strains, from 6lb through to 60lb (2.7kg – 27.2kg).

Made in the USA, Amnesia is world renowned for it’s unique characteristics and now available from Wholesale Fishing NZ.


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