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BaitCloud™ Fish Attractant Now in NZ

on Feb 25, 2018 in News

BaitCloud Fish Attractant

BaitCloud™ Fish Attractant

After gaining market acceptance, BaitCloud Fish Attractant has now hit New Zealand shores.

BaitCloud designs and manufactures fish attractant products designed for enhancing and stimulating fish activity and bringing fish to your fishing location.  Specific formulas for targeted  applications and fish species.

What is BaitCloud

BaitCloud is a product that is a product designed to stimulate activity for both your target species and baitfish surrounding your selected fishing location.  For general stationary fishing locations application is very easy, simply drop one or more BaitCloud balls around your fishing area to stimuate your fishing location for greater productivity.

Fish Attractant for NZ

For the initial release of BaitCloud in New Zealand Wholesale Fishing NZ has selected the InLine variety in four formulas, multi-species, predatory, panfish and Trout attractant.

BaitCloud Fish Attractant Ball


InLine Fish Attractant

With BaitCloud InLine you can toss, drop, throw or attach the BaitCloud ball.  InLine is a traditional BaitCloud ball designed with a centreline hole which allows the BaitCloud ball to either directly affixed to the your baited fishing line, or optionally “tethered” application attached to a separate line.  This gives you various options when using BaitCloud.

Want to know more?

Be sure to also see our BaitCloud Fish Attractant page and also our BaitCloud FAQ.

You’ve invested in rods, reels, tackle and gear.  Time on the water is precocious.  You’ve got all the lures ready, and are anxious for bits.

Change your odds and help BRING THE FISH TO YOU with BaitCloud™.


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