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Sunset Line & Twine

Sunset Line & Twine

Sunset Line & Twine – A Line of Distinction

Founded in 1932, Sunset Line & Twine have a proven track record of industry leadership.  Based in the US, they are a division of the Kraft Tool Co.

Amnesia Memory Free Fishing Line

The Amnesia range from Sunset Line & Twine.  A memory free, monofilament fishing line.  Amnesia is world renowned.

Amnesia is manufactured using a proprietary process.  This gives it several sought after characteristics.  Memory free, toughness and extra stretch compared to other monofilament lines.

Tough and versatile, Amnesia is suitable for use as shock leader, leader or trace material.  Available in eleven breaking strains, from 6lb through to 60lb (2.7kg – 27.2kg).

Sunset Line & Twine - Amnesia Fishing Line
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