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Richter Lures – World Class Game Fishing Tackle

Richter Lures - World Class Game Fishing Tackle

Richter Lures are a world class game fishing tackle manufacturer offering a wide range of proven high quality lures made in South Africa.

Being hand made Richter Lures are made to perfection with each resin head being hand poured, polished and painted to create the very highest finish.  This makes Richter’s range of trolling lures, plugs, skirts and terminal tackle irresistible.

Their range of skirted lures is wide and varied and includes chrome jet heads, pushers and soft heads.  Sizes range from the baby of the soft head family the Jelly Baby at only 100 mm through to the mighty 480 mm pusher Bazooka.

In addition to Richter’s range of skirted lures they offer a range of pre made rigs for big game fishing and a range of casting lures.

The factory producing Richter Lures has more than 25 years of experience and a team of 19 workers busy creating Richter’s extensive range of high quality lures.

View the Richer Lures range now.  Richter Lures, world class game fishing tackle.

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