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HookEze – Takes the PRICKS Out of Fishing!

HookEze - Takes The Pricks Out of Fishing


HookEze – Takes the PRICKS out of fishing!

HookEze safely holds your hook whilst tying to fishing line eliminating painful injuries.

Safely stores your hook and clips over one of the runners on the fishing rod for storage and transportation – No more torn upholstery!

 HookEze Now Available in Two Sizes!

Did you know that not only is HookEze available in multiple colours but it’s now available in two sizes!

The original HookEze River & Coast is suitable for 4/0 hooks right down to the smallest jig heads, speed clips, swivels and more.

While the new larger model HookEze Reef & Blue Water is for standard 10/0 hooks down to 1/0 hooks, jog heads, speed clips and swivels.

HookEze River & Coast or the larger Reef & Blue Water model

HookEze – The Amazing Mulit Fishing Tool for the Whole Family

With HookEze now available in two sizes and a variety of colours including Pink and Blue, HookEze truly is suitable for the whole family!

Check out the HookEze range now!  Can’t wait any longer?  Buy online from Smart Marine today!

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